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Slipknot frontman recruited for upcoming episode of 'Doctor Who'

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor lent his voice to a forthcoming episode of BBC television series 'Doctor Who', reports the Mirror. Taylor is apparently a big 'Doctor Who' fan, and when Taylor was in England this past January, producers reached out to see if they could get Taylor to participate. Taylor and company were given a "VIP tour" of the show set and Taylor recorded vocals for Fisher King, a "green hulk of a creature with horns protruding from his body." Taylor's voice will appear on the October 3rd episode of the show.


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anonymous 9/28/2015 8:28:33 AM

i knew a girl who had a knot that slipped.

anonymous 9/28/2015 8:42:14 AM

a green hulk of a creature you say... What a unique and new idea.

anonymous 9/28/2015 10:44:37 AM

Dr who is stupid. Girls who wear fedoras and watch anime are stoked.

anonymous 9/28/2015 11:22:23 AM

Dr. Who is stupid but The Clown from Slipknot is next-level stupid.

anonymous 9/28/2015 12:26:23 PM

Taylor Swift >

anonymous 9/28/2015 12:27:11 PM

As if I needed any more reasons to not watch this trainwreck of a show.

anonymous 9/28/2015 4:24:57 PM

I am so sick of this jerk... Corey Taylor, not the one I am pounding right now.

anonymous 9/30/2015 1:54:25 PM

Corey is a brilliant soul and any microphone he touches turns to gold and diamonds. Its a shame he's a huge fan of such a shit-tastic show though. His talents could have been used elsewhere....Like, a Street Sharks remake or the new GhostBusters 2 film, or say maybe...Replacing Axl Rose in a still yet to be reunited original Guns N Roses lol. Idk, just some creative ideas I have. Hate me if you will but I dont give a fck

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