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Slaves say they were kicked off Blessthefall tour

Slaves band Beleaguered rock band Slaves say there were originally on the bill for Blessthefall's newly announced fall tour but were removed from the lineup as the result of a business decision. Initially frontman Jonny Craig expressed his frustation via Twitter. In a since-deleted Tweet, Craig said this:
"Fuck it. I wanna thank Blessthefall for not only kicking us off the fall tour but also putting Emarosa as the replacement, hahaha. Can't wait to announce OUR fall tour."
Craig was the singer of Emarosa for three years before being kicked out in 2011. Slaves has subsequently clarified the situation and Craig's sentiment with this statement:
Yeah, we were confirmed on their upcoming tour, we were put on this tour because we were going to play 3 weeks on Warped Tour which is huge promo and hype. This is a business, should a band bring out support that played 3 shows since April because they got kicked off Warped for a tour that starts in October? Probably not. "Blessthefall pays management and their team to make the best business decisions there is for the band. Emarosa was considered for this tour before we were ever confirmed. I remember speaking to members of BTF about the options and them being one. "They coincidently were the only band available for the tour short notice. We don't believe BTF did anything out of hatred for our band. We are still good friends with the guys in BTF, and have another Fall tour we think you all are going to love. "Jonny posted a short tweet, surprised and angry of the situation and deleted the post within 10 minutes of talks between the band and the Blessthefall dudes and it all being put into perspective. Jonny nor our band have hate for BTF, great dudes, great music, great hair."

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