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Suburban Scum addresses Tom Alderson beating

Suburban Scum New Jersey hardcore band Suburban Scum has finally put forth a statement regarding the controversy over their vocalist's alleged involvement in the late July beating of Crosscheck drummer Tom Alderson. While Suburban Scum did not address the status of frontman Ryan "Karebear" Taylor, his name was omitted from the statement's "signature." Make of that what you will. Here is the statement:
We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Tom Alderson, his family, and his friends at this time. Although it is clear that little can change the trauma this situation has caused Tom, the people close to him, and the community at large, we would like to extend our support to Tom and his recovery. We do not condone senseless violence in our community. We are all a part of this scene because we feel passionate about this music and this culture. It is a place for people who don't fit in to feel at home and it deeply saddens us that this situation has possibly changed that for some people. The bottom line is this should not have happened. We can only hope that people who know Suburban Scum as a whole, know the people we are and that we are not the people we have been painted out to be in this situation. Please click on the link below to help with Tom's recovery. Jeremy, Paul, Shawn & Dayn
During the band's August 1st show in Massachusetts, Taylor did mention the incident, but did not go into specifics. You can check out what he had to say via the beginning of the video below.

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