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Carl Severson (Nora, Good Fight) injured in mishap

Good Fight Music co-founder and Nora frontman Carl Severson was the victim of a freak accident a few days ago and has been hospitalized since. Here is Severson's description of the incident via the Instagram post below:
"Been in the trauma center for about 24 hrs now. Details and brutal photos later but the gist is something big and metal shot out of or off a construction vehicle through my windshield and into my face. Knocked me out. Cops and EMTs woke me up. Was a mess, blood everywhere. Guess I got my hand up as I was getting smashed and almost lost a finger. Vaguely recall trying to put it back on."


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anonymous 8/1/2015 10:52:35 AM

Karebear strikes again.

anonymous 8/1/2015 10:53:42 AM

Don't worry. Carl will be back on his feet in no time. REBIRT HISCO MING

anonymous 8/1/2015 11:06:11 AM

Should've sent flowers...

mEATyD 8/1/2015 11:08:21 AM

Damn SON, your finger was SEVERed?

anonymous 8/1/2015 11:17:26 AM

writers block, cant think

anonymous 8/1/2015 11:57:48 AM

anonymous 50 minutes ago Should've sent flowers... lol

anonymous 8/1/2015 11:58:12 AM

Nice lawsuit!

anonymous 8/1/2015 12:20:54 PM

The goddamn champion

anonymous 8/1/2015 12:30:42 PM

I doug this band back in the day, thus is not funnie. He should not be a klotz.

ineedmoresalt 8/1/2015 1:07:18 PM

Nobody takes pictures of the singer Get better dude

anonymous 8/1/2015 1:52:40 PM

When he gets his payday I'm going to ask him to sign my band with a $1,000,000 advance that I'll never pay back

dog_boner 8/1/2015 2:26:13 PM

Bet he can't wait to watch some final destination

anonymous 8/1/2015 3:22:15 PM

it could have been so much better than this.

anonymous 8/1/2015 3:39:02 PM

Damn Carl's a good dude. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

anonymous 8/1/2015 4:52:03 PM

This only happens for the travelers. For the travelers!

anonymous 8/1/2015 5:53:01 PM

When he gets his payday I'm going to ask him to sign my band with a $1,000,000 advance that I'll never pay back ^^^^^ Yeah, right. Candiria is still waiting on their settlement money.

anonymous 8/1/2015 6:17:32 PM

Candiria never sold any records, for anyone.

anonymous 8/1/2015 9:09:41 PM

some Final Destination shit, ese

anonymous 8/2/2015 10:44:18 AM

@dseve78 has been a trooper

anonymous 8/2/2015 1:53:23 PM

Heard that the culprit was big bear from suburban scum

anonymous 8/2/2015 5:47:33 PM

Get well Carl. You da man. Take care brother...

anonymous 8/2/2015 7:50:17 PM

BOYCOT ALL THESE fckING BANDS HEAVY CHAINS SUBURBAN SCUM BACKTRACK TRAPPED UNDER ICE CODE ORANGE BANE INCENDIARY ... ALL THOSE MOTHERfckERS IN THEIR CLIQUES. It's this type of shit that kills hardcore every few years... These cliques, crews, bullshit politics. this is why bands like Expire, Rival mob, coke bust, nails etc. don't fck with these cliques and just do their own thing. They don't fck with their politics bullshit cliques

anonymous 8/4/2015 8:18:34 AM

^^^^ WAHHH

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