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Bring Me The Horizon announces new album

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 11:48 AM PT / 5,403 views
Bring Me The Horizon announce That's The Spirit British metalcore/rock outfit Bring Me The Horizon will release their Columbia Records debut and follow-up to Sempiternal later this summer. The new effort is titled That's The Spirit and will hit streets on September 11. Speaking to NME, frontman Oli Sykes says that the new record is a loose concept album. "It's a celebration of depression," Skyes notes. "A way of making light of it. 'That's The Spirit' – it's quite a depressing phrase when you think about it – the sort of thing you only ever use when you know there's no positive answer to the situation." You can read the full interview here.


anonymous 7/21/2015 11:55:34 AM

Bring Doug The Horizon

anonymous 7/21/2015 12:07:43 PM

That song "My Girl" is pretty good.

anonymous 7/21/2015 12:14:45 PM


anonymous 7/21/2015 12:24:54 PM

That's the Spirit. The Happy Song. Almost as garbage as Sworn In's titling.

anonymous 7/21/2015 1:11:43 PM

I just got the email from Spotify today about this realease. So far, I am loving the new sound. Solid stuff. Sometimes cant control the METAL in us...lol

anonymous 7/21/2015 1:29:16 PM

This is going to be the worst September 11th ever

ineedmoresalt 7/21/2015 2:18:13 PM


anonymous 7/21/2015 3:08:57 PM

^ Boom.

anonymous 7/21/2015 4:57:38 PM

metalcore/rock metalcore/rock metalcore/rock metalcore/rock

anonymous 7/21/2015 9:25:09 PM

3 Doors Down core

anonymous 7/21/2015 9:31:08 PM

oli skeets

anonymous 7/22/2015 12:07:27 AM

from xdeathcorex to buttrock; they've finally come full circle

anonymous 7/22/2015 1:24:27 AM

Big gulps eh? Well, see you later!

anonymous 7/22/2015 1:05:39 PM

Getting obliterated on ketamine 15 minutes before you have to go on stage is stoked

anonymous 7/22/2015 8:37:24 PM

I can't wait for September 11th

anonymous 7/26/2015 7:03:05 PM

Kerry King is pissed

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