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Boysetsfire frontman set to release debut solo EP

Official press release: Founder and frontman of Boysetsfire and I Am Heresy, Nathan Gray now takes the next step in his musical path: Gray's debut solo endeavor, the NTHN GRY EP, is set for an August 21st US release on Good Fight Music. Stream new track "Wolves," from the NTHN GRY EP, here: As vocalist of Boysetsfire for more than 20 years, Gray is known across the globe as the leader of one of the most revered bands in the post-hardcore scene. Boysetsfire's impassioned songs and political messages have been immortalized on a slew of recordings, released on Victory Records, Deathwish Inc, Hydra Head, and a host of other labels. Its catalog includes splits with bands like Coalesce and Snapcase, and the band continues touring the world to this day. In I Am Heresy, Gray is backed by his own son, Simon, on guitar. On latest album Thy Will, out now on Century Media, I Am Heresy ups the brutality with punishing metallic hardcore and serves as a vehicle for Gray to express his truest Satanic convictions – he is a card-carrying member of the Church of Satan. Building on the work accomplished with these two bands, Gray now launches into the next chapter of his career. On debut solo EP, NTHN GRY, he further explores his most personal thoughts and experiments with sounds beyond the limits of a hardcore band. With collaborator Daniel E. Smith, Gray indulges in dark folk balladry and post-industrial gloom, in line with certain works of Death In June, Dead Can Dance, Skinny Puppy, and Portishead. Bombastic pop choruses soar above dissonant undercurrents – Gray has referred to the music as "an ethereal howl against the void." He elaborates: "Bringing this solo endeavor to fruition really allows me a space to be myself, and create a musical path that I can continue for as long as I desire. I have the freedom to explore my ideals and perform in a manner that is true to the darker parts of human nature. The next chapter of Nathan Gray is all about the exploration of the carnal self. It is about looking within and celebrating ourselves in the deep, passionate, wild and free." NTHN GRY was recorded and mixed by Daniel E. Smith at Sounds of Ideal Life and mastered by Kevin Mattesky at Phantom Center Media. The tracklist is as follows: 1. Wolves 2. Tomorrow 3. Baptismal Rites 4. Corson (An Ode to Vital Existence) 5. Wolves (Swallowing Filth) (Daniel E. Smith remix) 6. Tomorrow (Ritual Chamber Session) 7. Baptismal Rites (Ritual Chamber Session) 8. Wayward Ghosts With the US release of NTHN GRY set for August 21st on Good Fight Music, the EP will be released in Europe on August 7th via End Hits Records.

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