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Ronnie Radke sues rape accuser for defamation

Ronnie Radke Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has filed a civil lawsuit against Kacee Boswell, the woman who publicly accused him of sexual assault late last week, says Alternative Press. AP has obtained a twelve-page complaint which was filed this morning in a Los Angeles, California civil court. While not sharing the complaint, AP describes it in this manner:
From the complaint: "As best as can be determined from Defendant Boswell's shifting versions of events, Defendant Boswell claims that, on that night, she was raped two separate times, to wit, (1) during the band's performance, in the band's tour bus, with Radke's bodyguard perpetrating the first alleged rape, and (2) after the band's performance, in a car en route to Boswell's home, with Radke and Radke's bodyguard perpetrating this second alleged rape." The complaint continues: "Ronald Radke has been exonerated as fully as can occur in less than one week: The police swabbed the tour bus and the car and found no evidence of a rape. The police have taken no action against Radke. The police did not arrest Radke. The prosecutor has not charged Radke. Radke was not required to post bail. No restrictions have been placed on Radke's movements." One of Boswell's Facebook comments stated Radke and his accomplice(s) posted bail, but information provided to AP by the Murray City Police Department appeared to contradict this. The first rape was impossible, according to the complaint, as Radke's bodyguard was present on or near the stage during Falling In Reverse's performance. "The second alleged rape - after the performance, in a 4-door Nissan Maxima sedan, by Radke and the bodyguard - is equally impossible, since, among other reasons, Radke sat in the front of the car while Boswell sat in the back." So what does Radke allege happened on the night in question? He admits to a prior "casual intimate relationship" with the alleged victim. Her presence on the tour bus after the show is not in dispute, however, the band and crew say there were never less than a dozen people onboard.
You can read about the rest of the complaint's contents here. AP says that Radke is suing Boswell for "Defamatory Statements made online and to the New York Daily News, alleging she acted with some combination of malice, fraud, and/or oppression." Radke is seeking monetary compensation for damages to his reputation.

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