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Since By Man loses bassist, cancels tour

Milwaukee's Since By Man have now cancelled their upcoming European tour, which was to begin this week. The move is the result of the sudden departure of bassist Bryan Jerabek, who emailed the band just days before the tour to announce he could no longer be a member of the group due to "extremely extenuating circumstances." Here's what the band had to said about the unfortunate situation: "We are aware that this decision, really the only one we have to make, will adversely affect lots of hard working, dedicated people. Marco and Ivonne at Avocado/Join The Team Player, Revelation records, everyone in the European press that have been good to us, the bands, promoters, and most importantly the people that live thousands and thousands of miles away over a huge fucking body of water on a continent that we have never set foot on that wanted to come see us, that like our band. You are the reason we wanted to come in the first place, and you are the reason that we are working on the future of this band."

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