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Fearless Records purchased for $10 million

Fearless Records California record label Fearless Records, label home to Pierce The Veil, The Word Alive, and Motionless In White, among many others, has been purchased by Concord Bicycle Music. The deal also included a portion of Wind-Up Records. According to Billboard, sources indicate that Concord Bicycle paid roughly $10 million for Fearless.
The deals adds about 150 albums from Fearless and about 25-30 albums from Wind-up to the company's portfolio that already consisted of about 10,000 albums and a music publishing catalog with 60,000 songs. In addition, the Fearless acquisition also includes Fearless Records' Fearmore Music Publishing, which includes the evergreen copyright "Hey There Delilah," along with the company's highly successful in-house merchandise operation.
The deal will leave most of the Fearless staff intact. Fearless founder and president Bob Becker told Billboard, "Fearless has had many opportunities to be acquired by larger companies over the years and it had never seemed like the right fit, until now."


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anonymous 5/6/2015 3:44:28 PM

who cares tho

anonymous 5/6/2015 4:29:17 PM

Label is over. Concord Bicycle bought the label's catalog and billing. I cannot imagine that the bands or the label's staff are feeling confident right now. Lots of resumes being sent from Fearless while Bob-O takes a nap.

anonymous 5/6/2015 6:37:37 PM

Bob Odenkirk?

anonymous 5/6/2015 6:40:16 PM

Doug: The Complete First Season purchased for $20

anonymous 5/6/2015 6:41:04 PM

Kung Pow was a great movie.

anonymous 5/6/2015 7:18:50 PM

Which Wind-Up albums? Was this a big scam to get the Creed back catalog?

anonymous 5/6/2015 7:56:38 PM

There's no way in hell (pun not intended) that Creed's catalog would be involved in this deal.

anonymous 5/6/2015 8:43:02 PM

Congrats Bob! Extremely good call

anonymous 5/6/2015 11:36:06 PM

sellouts ?????????

anonymous 5/7/2015 5:15:27 AM

"seemed like a right fit" ie, " I needed $$$ and finally got an offer"

anonymous 5/7/2015 6:01:35 AM

i gue$$ you can $ay BOB wasnt fearle$$ $elling hi$ $hit record label. no pun intended. LUL c ya l8r bob, meep meep.

anonymous 5/7/2015 7:58:59 AM

Think of all the Honker burgers that could buy.

anonymous 5/7/2015 8:02:16 AM

Douglas Funny is a phony

anonymous 5/7/2015 8:49:32 AM

good albums to follow????? nope.

anonymous 5/7/2015 8:57:59 AM

So, a Bicycle company bought this crap? NOKE AIR Also, ITS DOUG FUNNIE YA INBREDS

anonymous 5/7/2015 9:25:18 AM

Bands are pissed. Staff lied to. All are screwed!

anonymous 5/7/2015 9:28:19 AM

my penis was purchased for $11 million, suck it Fearless Records!

anonymous 5/7/2015 1:37:58 PM

absolutely THE BEST industry to cash out of right now. good call for this guy. props.

anonymous 5/9/2015 12:38:51 PM

It's the right fit alright. Fit it right in his pooper.

Sn00py 5/10/2015 10:27:30 AM

In other news today Drake was a douche at his label's CEO meeting

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