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Legendary Divorce release debut EP

Official press release: The Philadelphia noise-punk quartet known as Legendary Divorce have released their debut EP today. The Make Me EP is available via CD and digital now via Reptilian Records (Cutthroats 9, Pageninetynine, Fight Amp). Legendary Divorce consists of seasoned vets who served time in such outfits as The Starting Line, Ladder Devils, Wives and The Minor Times. As for their musical approach guitarist/vocalist Itarya Leo says, "?we play super loud ?punk? music but melody is also very important to us. There'?s a catchy song in there even if you can barely hear it over the aggression.?" Perhaps what is telling about the band is that they initially formed one Halloween as a Nirvana cover band before deciding to write and play together as Legendary Divorce. Though not an obvious touchstone in their songs, there are some strains of their 90?s alt/indie heroes peeking out at times that are engulfed by the members hardcore/noise prowess. Rounded out by Timothy Leo (guitar), Brian Schmutz (bass/vocals) and Brian Medlin drums/vocals) the band has shared stages with groups such as HSY, Pontiak, Amanda X and Jaye Jayle (ex. Breather Resist). On the horizon are more shows and the band will be working on a full-length for release later this year.

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