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Nasty drops off tour

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 1:42 PM PT / 4,907 views

Belgian hardcore act Nasty has dropped off their current tour with Lionheart and These Streets. The band has issued the following:
"Due to reasons beyond our control we are forced to cancel the rest of the U.S. run."


anonymous 4/14/2015 5:17:36 PM

Too bad. They ruled in clevo.

anonymous 4/15/2015 11:04:11 AM

I heard the singer got a knife pulled on him in Detroit.

anonymous 4/15/2015 12:40:54 PM

prob. some gay ass gang bulshit. kids grow da fck up

anonymous 4/15/2015 1:35:28 PM

Band called nasty can't handle the D lol

anonymous 4/15/2015 3:00:16 PM

pissed, i was supposed to see em next week

anonymous 4/16/2015 3:10:08 AM

Nasty was jumped and robbed in Detroit Sunday night by FSU losers and decided to go home as a result. Don't blame em.

anonymous 4/16/2015 6:50:50 AM

Why didn't FSU go to the two dates there were SOSF? Sound pretty cowardly to jump guys not involved when they were on dates with people involved.

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:32:29 AM

"Reasons beyond our control" as in the singer getting jumped 6 on 1 by FSU cowards and robbed of tour money at knifepoint for no reason at all. They've been bragging about it on facebook and instagram. Id be fcking ashamed of myself. First time I ever convinced my girlfriend to come to a hardcore show and these fcking guys come around trying to make their little dicks bigger ruining everything. Bullshit.

anonymous 4/16/2015 11:42:46 AM

Nasty doesn't sound so "nasty" after all Lolz.

anonymous 4/16/2015 11:53:10 AM

it was rick ta life. Oi!

anonymous 4/16/2015 11:58:36 AM

I blame Rick Healy

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:03:04 PM

59WW MOTHER fckEDS! We run the world!

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:11:10 PM

doogie five nine runs sosf and is probating for btl, hells angels, heavens devils, and crips.

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:18:49 PM

if sosf's fight game was as good as their public relations game, this might be interesting,but since it's not, this is boring, fck you all.

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:23:11 PM

better watch out bro. I heard dustin 5/9 and Trevor moments 5/9 killed like a ton of people. Straight up loco.

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:27:51 PM

Everybody gets butt hurt when a dude that poses as a gangster tough guy takes a light beating from real dudes.

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:30:08 PM


anonymous 4/16/2015 12:35:29 PM

I heard the sun never sets on swing on sight

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:37:44 PM

Got what was coming. People should stop taking about shit they don't know or understand lol

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:48:00 PM

My dad beat up like 4 or 5 SOSF nerds one time.

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:58:46 PM

I heard IN 59 are some real gangstas. Cutting off people's arms with machetes and shit.

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:01:14 PM

^Indonesia, not Indiana. All those dudes are white power skinheads. They hate Samoan Rob because he's not white. They call him a mud person.

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:08:51 PM

Seems like people are (F)ucking (S)cared & (U)seless. Sounds like something a bunch of ratty motherfckers would do.

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:13:32 PM

Is SOSF a gang of midgets? Seriously, never seen one over 5'7" tall.

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:16:33 PM

I heard when rob was in general population in jail with all those fs-losers he ran the whole yard. The whole jail actually

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:16:55 PM

there's a requirement that you can't be over 5'9" tall since that's how tall their leader is. in turn they all say "support 5'9"" which means support our glorious leader.

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:20:36 PM

fck fsu for real. pssy ass loozers. I wanna stay a virgin 4 ever I'm rolling wit sosf.

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:29:56 PM

(S)oiling (O)ur (S)horts (F)orever anybody can do that Mr. Anonymous. Summer of hate '15! Where Steve Salt and Samoan Bob finally consummate their shitty gay wannabe tuff guy marriage!¡!¡ For allllllll to c-m seeeee!

anonymous 4/16/2015 4:18:35 PM

We 59WW baby. We giving back to hardcore . We will be donating a portion of the money from our 59 Prom and are looking to have another spaghetti dinner to raise some money. We are Stoked On Spaghetti Feasts.

anonymous 4/16/2015 4:52:40 PM

FSU was on gangland guys, they have an awesome image to uphold. Talk about public relations. I wonder how much money joe hardcore made off that publicity hahahaha. GAANNGGGLAANNDDD BRROO

anonymous 4/16/2015 11:49:58 PM

nasty isnt crew affiliated. the fact that theyre involved in crew beef to say the least... ridiculous. good dudes who just want to play their music for an audience. point said and done. FSU - SOSF beef needs to stop it's putting the scene in a chokehold. stop jumping stop fighting. PROVIDE for the scene don't destroy it. was going to see them again at NEMHC and now im not going

anonymous 4/17/2015 9:38:16 AM

FSU is so hard. Jumping and robbing a guy that has nothing to do with anything. Wonder why they didnt try this in the other cities that they were in. Oh yeah because they knew SOSF would be there and didnt want to catch another beat down. Too bad theyre only hard 6 on 1 against innocent people and on the internet. Gangland 2015...The Internet Beatdown

anonymous 4/17/2015 11:07:55 AM

SOSF does the same shit when it comes to jumping people. What goes around comes around.

anonymous 4/17/2015 11:09:42 AM

Acronyms are cute

anonymous 4/17/2015 11:27:30 AM

Why didn't FSU just go to Cleveland when they played there? Oh that's right cause they're a bunch of cowards and didn't want to face SOSF so they jump and rob a dude that has nothing to do with anything. hardcore for hardcore

anonymous 4/17/2015 6:18:44 PM


anonymous 4/18/2015 7:32:41 PM

Sosf at nasty in Cleveland, yeah sosf showed supreme force, only place those cowards go is the foundry where cops lurk and cameras every 5 feet. But yeah, why wouldn't FSU go to the foundry so sosf could yell and act hard and cause a scene to attract cops to avoid a confrontation. Makes sense.

anonymous 4/18/2015 8:18:59 PM

Yeah you're afraid of cops not SOSF hahaha please. Dont take guns and bats to fight those SOSF "cowards" and maybe you wont have to call the cops...oops i mean "attract" them. No wonder you boys wouldnt come to the venue you were afraid SOSF might be there and you know theyll fight you back but we dont want any of you in our shows anyway so thank you both. The "crew" days are long over.Kill each other somewhere else.

anonymous 4/18/2015 9:13:29 PM

"Reasons beyond our control" as in the singer getting jumped 6 on 1 by FSU cowards and robbed of tour money at knifepoint for no reason at all. They've been bragging about it on facebook and instagram. Id be fcking ashamed of myself. First time I ever convinced my girlfriend to come to a hardcore show and these fcking guys come around trying to make their little dicks bigger ruining everything. Bullshit. ^ this guy nailed it. FSU is, and have been ruining hardcore.

anonymous 4/19/2015 3:15:51 AM

Nasty singer is sosf

anonymous 4/19/2015 4:00:42 AM

Buncha puzze ass cowardd,dis iz 4 my fam-a-lay. Catch a beatin in my city cuz my boyz got my neck, my back, my pssy and my crack.

anonymous 4/19/2015 1:00:35 PM

Nasty singer is not sosf. Never was never will be, son. Same with any other member of the band.

anonymous 4/19/2015 1:02:32 PM

How come Joe Hardcore was spitting about it before it actually happened?

anonymous 4/19/2015 10:51:17 PM

Courage crew did this... Don't be stupid. Michigan... Courage crew...

anonymous 4/20/2015 9:54:06 AM

There's no courage crew in Michigan any more... Chris Drew did it

anonymous 4/20/2015 1:29:40 PM

FSU Ohio is responsible for it. They also started to Firefest fight at Lakewood. 6 vs 1. Pulling out knives. Stealing money. What a bunch of cowards. Nasty is not SOSF. Terror, Death B4 Dishonor, Death Threat, etc. all have FSU band members. And they support their FSU brothers who steal money from Nasty. Bryan DBD is telling some HC family bullshit on stage and supporting people who steal money from touring bands. Who does this work?

anonymous 4/20/2015 6:07:55 PM

C'mon now. If your going to bring up fireside atleast her it straight. SOSF guys showed up in big numbers to fight, bit once the fight broke out the got shook and ran. If anyone has Instagram check out User: defineundefeated there is video clearly showing the sosf track team.

anonymous 4/20/2015 6:14:00 PM

Also on the defineundefeated page you'll see a pic of poor Jake who's sosf brothers left him beat. Someone Oughtta Start Fighting. Your internet game is strong, the rest, not so much. You shouldn't go around jumping fsu guys in bands, and people they are friends with and not expect the same in return, only to cry poor us.

anonymous 4/20/2015 7:39:13 PM

Holy shit dude on that page looked like an unmasked Darth Vader. Star Wars fans are stoked

anonymous 4/20/2015 7:56:15 PM

LOL @ beatdown bands getting beat the fck down

anonymous 4/20/2015 10:40:49 PM

FSU guys can only fight with weapons. See FIREFEST. Real Hardcore! NOT! Cowards!

anonymous 4/20/2015 11:02:55 PM

I don't get it here. What has this issue to do with SOSF? Nothing! Nasty are not SOSF. Anonymous FSU want hide this shitty poor action behind the SOSF. But these are two separate things. Fact is, Nasty singer got jumped by 6 FSU guys. With weapons. And they steal all his money. These FSU are fcking criminals. And got backed by FSU penetrated bands like Terror, Death B4 Dishonor....

anonymous 4/21/2015 12:31:32 PM

^Speak English you fcking nerd.

anonymous 4/21/2015 1:06:27 PM

What I don't understand is if this guy was jumped by 6 gang members with weapons why didn't he go to the hospital??? Sounds a bit fabricated if you ask me.

anonymous 4/21/2015 4:53:07 PM

SOSF track team? Haha man if I was afraid of a fist fight I'd pull a gun out and starting shooting too. Didn't some FSU dude snitch to the cops too? What a hard crew, they got a snitch, pull out guns, and rob random dudes. Way to go FSU keep up the awesome work brozzz

anonymous 4/21/2015 10:59:00 PM

FSU rats helped police to get lower sentences after Firefest.

anonymous 4/21/2015 11:02:05 PM

Even if the nasty wasnt in hospital. FSU guys stole money from him. Criminal bastards.

anonymous 4/22/2015 6:24:13 AM

I suppose FSU guys should have just called in a fake drive by on the venue...LOL

anonymous 4/22/2015 10:17:12 AM

FSU rats pointed the finger so they could cover their own asses, and then not pay for shit. Quick to pull the gun but even quicker to point the finger, Frequent Snitchers United

anonymous 4/22/2015 6:15:48 PM

Just because you keep saying something doesn't make it true. Keep saying FSU are snitches, but that never happened. Freedom of information act.....pull the files and set it out for everyone to see if that's the case. How about spaghetti (Samoan) rob saying to the cops he hates white people so he wouldn't be put in a cell with FSU like the other sosf guys were. As for fistfights...

anonymous 4/22/2015 6:23:41 PM

As for fistfights, when dudes rolled up in Calif. saying square up, sosf tossed a brick....well played, but don't rant on fsu using shit when grossly outnumbered. What happened in Florida when one FSU guy called out the whole chapter ....nobody wanted to fight. Swing on sight family .....when convenient.

anonymous 4/23/2015 5:41:36 AM

Friends Stand United....when we all have guns and weapons.... Friends Stand United....when we talk to cops Freedom of information act, I believe everyone's seen the picture of the police report that shows the rat snitching. You guys keep calling it whatever you want lol

anonymous 4/23/2015 5:44:27 AM

FSU gangland 2015 "kings of the Internet"

anonymous 4/26/2015 2:14:51 AM

FSU Sucks Nasty Best guys in the World!

anonymous 4/26/2015 8:44:49 AM

You all are pretty corny. That Instagram page had me rollin though. All I was thinking was Monty Python scene "run away run away". I've never seen the photo of the fsu reportedly snitching. Post a link

anonymous 4/26/2015 11:44:19 AM

Snitchlife666 if you wanna see the official report.

anonymous 4/27/2015 10:54:52 AM

Well there it is. Snitches and cowards. Hope you all finish each other off.

anonymous 5/5/2015 7:19:50 AM

fck the FSU 'leader' and his shitty fat minions. You FSU dudes are getting old as hell, you have two kids grow the fck up before your kids end up just like you. fcking loser.

anonymous 11/20/2015 8:28:15 AM

If you can't hang with the big dogs then stay off the porch

anonymous 2/6/2018 4:52:58 AM

yeah I mean sosf is tough as hell you can apply directly to Samoan rob to become a member then you're on payroll...

anonymous 9/24/2018 2:30:48 PM

I got from a very valid source that Samoan Rob only got offered all his leadership roles through affirmative action

anonymous 1/24/2020 2:03:23 PM

This shits lame

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