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ex-For Today guitarist says singer member of cult

Mon, March 30, 2015 6:41 AM PT19,294 views

Mike Reynolds suggests that Mattie Montgomery is in a cult Mike Reynolds, co-founder and former guitarist of Christian metalcore outfit For Today, has published a new article in which he suggests that For Today frontman Mattie Montgomery is the member of a cult. Reynolds begins his piece by explaining his motivations:
I am writing this for two reasons. First, because I served side-by-side with Mattie for 6 years I feel the responsibility to call him to alter his current trajectory and to re-align himself with Biblical truth. Second, because I care about young men and women who would seek to align themselves with Mattie and fall into a spiritually abusive situation. I want to see both Mattie and those under his influence succeed in pure and simple devotion to Christ.
At the core of Reynold's suspicions appears to be Montgomery's involvement in a church that belongs to "a network of churches all headed up by 'apostle' F. Nolan Ball." Reynolds states that in 1986 Ball founded what he says "every sober-minded person would consider a cult." You can read the entire piece here, though its merits appear difficult to discern for anyone not well-versed in theology and/or American Christianity. Furthermore, some question Reynolds' true motivation; you may recall that Reynolds and For Today hastily parted ways in January 2013, just days after Reynolds publicly called homosexuality "a sin."

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