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Vital Remains singer breaks ribs during gig; video

Brian Werner, vocalist of Rhode Island death metal band Vital Remains, fractured two ribs during a show in Santiago, Chile last night. Werner had the following to say:
"Last show in Santiago last night and during the 3rd of 10 songs of the set the crowd dropped me and I hit the corner of a cement bench and broke two ribs. Then in absolute blinding pain and struggling to breathe I finished the set and went straight to the hospital, just to confirm two fractured ribs and 3 contusions. Man up."
Footage of the incident can be viewed below (Facebook video uploaded by Leo Pozo). Werner himself uploaded this video.


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Ineedmoresalt 3/20/2015 1:32:05 PM

Minor injury metal

anonymous 3/20/2015 1:52:45 PM

rib flip

anonymous 3/20/2015 2:43:10 PM

You aint hardcore tho

anonymous 3/20/2015 4:53:07 PM

vital ribs

anonymous 3/20/2015 4:57:47 PM

dude breaks a 4 foot fall with fans, and still manages to break 2 ribs? sounds like a pssy to me.

anonymous 3/20/2015 6:15:22 PM

Everyone is missing the point: why was there a cement bench in the middle of the crowd at a metal show?

anonymous 3/20/2015 6:52:07 PM

This dude is the biggest turd bag doucher north of the illinois border. First time I met him he insisted on showing me the tattoo on the inside of his lip that said white power. That was the first time I got some head from a racist!

anonymous 3/20/2015 7:11:14 PM

This band is cool

anonymous 3/20/2015 8:40:12 PM

I hear it's actually from giving too much good head.

anonymous 3/21/2015 1:16:13 AM

Pop gays Pop gays Pop gays Pop gays Pop gays

anonymous 3/21/2015 8:41:44 AM

this guy lives in his own reality. Fracturing ribs isn't even that painful. Since he is yet again singing his own praises, maybe he should make another youtube video to "prove" how hard he is and show off his toy guns.

anonymous 3/21/2015 1:50:42 PM

I am turtling at this very moment.

willy_wanker 3/23/2015 6:54:55 AM

stage diving is retarded

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