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Tool lawsuit settled; work resumes on new album

Tool Last summer, Tool revealed that one of the reasons they'd been taking so long to release a new album was a "multi-level lawsuit" involving the band and its insurance company. Fortunately for Tool, the legal matters are now behind them. In a new interview with Yahoo! Music, Tool guitarist Adam Jones says "the whole thing is finally over." "It got really ugly and shameful," Jones said. "This is a real simplification of the matter — but imagine paying auto insurance, getting into a wreck, and expecting the insurance company to cover you. And they come back to you and say, 'Well, you drive an SUV and we don't consider that an auto so we're not going to cover you.' And then they turn around and sue you because you want them to cover you. It's crazy." The case was finally settled late last week in the band's favor. "I had a real feeling that things were going to go in our favor because the day the trial was supposed to start, the venue was changed on us," Jones told Yahoo!. "We moved over to a North L.A. courthouse and we had a brand-new judge, who was fantastic. You know what his name was? Randy Rhodes! I knew the power of metal, and my appreciation of metal was someday going to be like a guardian angel. But he was great. He came in and took over, and he's the reason the whole thing is finally over." As such, Tool can now put all of their energy into their new album, and Jones tells Yahoo! Music that he hopes the new LP will be finished and ready for release before the year ends. Jones did, however, inject a bit of uncertainty into the timetable: "We're older guys now. Everyone kind of has their own life, and the fire that burned in us when we were in our 20s isn't there anymore. There's still a fire, it's just a different kind of fire. So of course, we're writing and working hard, but we've gotten to a point where we're relaxed and we're meeting occasionally to get the writing done instead of every day. But I feel like every day we work on the songs is a productive day and we're getting closer and closer to finishing them."


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anonymous 3/15/2015 10:25:23 AM

this is shaping up to be the new chinese democracy. no one will give a fck when its finally released in 2008

anonymous 3/15/2015 10:40:12 AM

"this is shaping up to be the new chinese democracy. no one will give a fck when its finally released in 2008" yeah except, he they havn't gone through a dozen band members. don't you fcking dare compare this next album to chinese democracy. my god. don't YOU sound smart on the internet. TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED BOYS.

anonymous 3/15/2015 10:51:03 AM


anonymous 3/15/2015 10:51:54 AM

would be cooler if it was spelled Rhoads*

brad_marchand 3/15/2015 11:37:30 AM

shit band

anonymous 3/15/2015 11:49:45 AM

Can't wait to not listen to this.

anonymous 3/15/2015 11:50:20 AM

Tool: the rare band whose name perfectly describes their fanbase

anonymous 3/15/2015 11:50:36 AM

You commented on my shitty comment, I've sucked you into my vacuum you c-mbuttery asswench

anonymous 3/15/2015 12:29:13 PM

Real Tool fans will wait. I stand by u Tool. Maynard if u red this ur a genues.

anonymous 3/15/2015 12:55:19 PM

"TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED BOYS" -posted from some nerd in his forties who is the assistant manager at Uncle Eds Oil Change

anonymous 3/15/2015 2:37:09 PM

tool is better than ANY band EVER mentioned on this website. if you have anything negative to say about tool, you obviously have no appreciation for real art in the form of music,and you clearly just have no idea what good music is. please throw yourselves off a cliff, or just shut the fck up and disappear

anonymous 3/15/2015 3:37:15 PM

^ calm down, you tryhard idiot

AnalButt 3/15/2015 4:37:10 PM

By: hall_of_wax on 1/14/2005 6:42:08 PM When you're nailing her from behind, pull her head back towards you and lean just next to her ear. Then slow down and right before you blow whisper "the spirit horse will come for you my friend" and then fall back, throw your legs in the air and give your own face a chowder bath.

anonymous 3/15/2015 11:00:57 PM

lol tool sux

anonymous 3/16/2015 6:06:46 AM

These fckers weren't in good hands. Shoulda got AllState

anonymous 3/16/2015 7:50:21 AM

prog snobs are nothing less than stoked

Jemenez_Cricket 3/16/2015 8:19:41 AM

"That fire that burned in us in our 20's isn't there anymore" Then just quit instead of making old dude hard rock asses of yourselves. I love Tool but 10,000 Days was forgettable and sounds like whatever they're working on will be too.

anonymous 3/16/2015 1:41:01 PM

Look at that photo of them. f*kcsage pretentious asshats

anonymous 3/17/2015 10:34:48 AM

maybe if they didnt spend time and money posing for retarded photo shoots the album would be done already.

anonymous 3/17/2015 10:46:56 AM

dana carvey is the best drummer ever

anonymous 8/20/2015 8:24:27 AM

These Guys Still Around?Anyone Still Follow Them?Suit For What.The Drummer Dana Is The Only Legit.Tool Sucks Bro.

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