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Fit For An Autopsy record LP, announce new singer

Fit For An Autopsy Official press release: New Jersey metal heavyweights Fit For An Autopsy have wrapped up production on a yet to be titled LP due out later this year via eOne Music/Good Fight Music. "The new album is a bit of a step in a new direction for the band," says guitarist Pat Sheridan. "You'll hear a lot of new influences in our sound and a real creative move towards other genres we have never experimented with until now. It's dark, sad and aggressive all at once and we're really happy with the vibe. It's also a very literal and real record and in more of a first person view of the world than we've ever done, and it feels really intense." The band set up camp at The Machine Shop in New Jersey with guitar player and renowned producer Will Putney at the helm. The new effort will be the anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed Hellbound, released in 2013. The biggest change since then has been the band's vocalist. After the departure of Nate Johnson earlier last year, Greg Wilburn (Oblige) briefly filled in so the band could carry out their touring plans. Just before the band entered The Machine Shop, they brought in Joe Badolato (Diamond Cutter) as the brand new full-time vocalist. "We found Joe at a perfect time," says guitarist Will Putney. "We had just come off months of touring with a vocalist we knew wasn't built to handle the lifestyle and stresses that come with being in a full-time band." Badolato's first show with the band was at The Brooklyn Asylum in Brooklyn, NY before gearing up to head out west to start their tour supporting Suicide Silence alongside label-mates Within The Ruins. Putney concludes, "Joe is an extremely humble and down to earth dude and is a killer singer. Bringing him into Fit For An Autopsy has elevated the band to a really cool creative spot, and we're excited about the future with him as our frontman."


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anonymous 2/17/2015 3:49:52 PM

Nice neck tattoos douchelord

anonymous 2/17/2015 4:20:32 PM


Crinn 2/17/2015 5:21:34 PM

ANOTHER new vocalist?

anonymous 2/17/2015 6:21:10 PM

I like those letter and music note tattoos. Fckboi.

unvisitedgrave 2/17/2015 7:46:02 PM

They do know that 'diamond cutter' is slang for a very tight jerk right?

anonymous 2/17/2015 8:48:23 PM

Looks like theyre fit for a van flip

anonymous 2/17/2015 8:58:53 PM

"We had just come off months of touring with a vocalist we knew wasn't built to handle the lifestyle and stresses that come with being in a full-time band" lol

anonymous 2/17/2015 10:18:07 PM

the world we knew is stoked

anonymous 2/18/2015 4:53:18 AM

a whole bunch of NOPE. could have gotten someone way better. noone is comparing to nate anyway. you guys are f'd.

anonymous 2/18/2015 5:04:49 AM

goodluck on getting a real job with those neck and hand tats dude. --sincerely the toughts of someone born in the 1980's

anonymous 2/18/2015 5:55:02 AM

The new singer is a really cool guy. Lambgoat kuntz

anonymous 2/18/2015 6:29:19 AM

why does the guy with the penis hat look like he just had an accident in his pants...

anonymous 2/18/2015 7:13:07 AM

Fck fat pat fsu shit

anonymous 2/18/2015 7:26:13 AM

But Will Putney sits at home making money off mosh bands, he doesn't actually tour?

anonymous 2/18/2015 9:47:14 AM

Lol didn't know doing 3 tours a year is "full time"

anonymous 2/18/2015 10:20:27 AM

This band can write some jams.

shane_battier 2/18/2015 11:56:00 AM

joe is a good guy and monster front man. i saw his first show a few weeks ago and he's more than capable of filling nates shoes.

anonymous 2/18/2015 6:34:32 PM

as a fan of nate, no one would be a better fit than joe bad. A humble and kind human being with one of the most brutal voices many of you havent heard yet!!.

anonymous 2/18/2015 6:41:00 PM

fck all you jerks jerking it to granny porn and hating on bands on the internet. If only you scrubs put your dicks away and put some time into your guitar playing, you still wouldn't be half as successful as these dudes.fcking bums

anonymous 2/18/2015 8:49:45 PM

Fat pat, remember when you got kicked out of fsu and wouldn't fight joe? Didn't see you at a show in nj after that

anonymous 2/18/2015 9:19:25 PM

the first time I saw this band I thought they were a shitty local band that begged to get on the show

anonymous 2/18/2015 10:14:54 PM

I don't really remember that, i do however remember joe mags and a bunch of nj/Brooklyn guys coming to ny while we were on tour with a fsu bands to say they were sorry for all the bullshit and that they should have listened to me about a couple things. Also funny how I have been playing shows, going to hardcore and metal shows and no one has seen my face. Could be because I have been successfully touring with my band who I am so proud of. I'm not hard to find....come say hello...fat pat.

anonymous 2/18/2015 10:34:45 PM

Can't be the only one who thinks he looks like xjakexgyllenhaalx

anonymous 2/20/2015 10:32:22 AM

Jake GyllenTHALLLLLL! your welcome internet.

anonymous 2/22/2015 5:48:40 AM

I hope the little boy who is pictured with FFAA can be safely returned to his parents. They must be very worried.

anonymous 2/22/2015 5:52:51 AM

Fat Pat is a wanna-be gangster. Why so mum in interviews about his time in FSU? Be proud of your thuggish mentality. And keep up the good work in your interviews making yourself out to be a "pro" - ha ha. You play in a few crappy hardcore bands and now you are a touring, music industry professional. Just crapped myself laughing. Must suck to decide between your wife and kid and cheating with scene chics. Douche-flip.

anonymous 2/26/2015 12:37:39 PM

Sounds like someone's jealous ^^^

anonymous 10/16/2016 7:04:57 PM

that angry post about Pat was written by his "love child" whose own mother just cut off his OWN allowance

anonymous 1/20/2017 3:17:08 AM

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