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Southern Lord to reissue Warhorse debut, final EP

Official press release: In a time where doom is flourishing in all directions and manners, Southern Lord is exhuming the sole full-length from Massachusetts' Warhorse. Long out of print, rabidly sought after, and unconditionally vital in foreshadowing the plethora of current acts who partake in longform, recklessly downtuned sound voyages, 2001's As Heaven Turns To Ash will be reissued on double LP and digital formats on February 24th, 2015 combined with their final 7" EP, I Am Dying. Formed in 1996 and lasting the best part of a decade, Warhorse wallow deep down, grooving at the kind of frequency usually associated with imminent natural disaster. But in addition to their intricate delivery, Warhorse possesses an experimental, verging on psychedelic streak which gave rise to gritty and memorable riffs, and saw them sharing stages with the iconic likes of Electic Wizard, Khanate, Acid King, High On Fire and Unearthy Trance. As Heaven Turns To Ash and I Am Dying are sinister demonstrations of ultra-heavy riffs as a weapon, and with Southern Lord gearing up for their rerelease, doom fans worldwide will need to start saving pennies for the subwoofer damage they are sure to inflict. As Heaven Turns To Ash Track Listing: 1. Dusk 2. Doom's Bride 3. Black Acid Prophecy 4. Amber Vial 5. Every Flower Dies No Matter The Thorns (Whither) 6. Lysergic Communion 7. Dawn 8. Scrape 9. And The Angels Begin To Weep I Am Dying EP: 1. I Am Dying 2. Horizons Burn Red

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