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Miss Fortune seeks label; evokes Ray Rice case

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 7:21 AM PT / 5,824 views
You may or may not recall that in late-October, Miss Fortune frontman Mikey Sawyer was arrested for "domestic assault and battery," prompting the band's label, Sumerian Records, to immediately drop the band, explaining, "we do not condone do not condone domestic violence, nor would we ever support an artist that does." Fast forward two weeks and Sawyer surfaced to explain that the charges were dropped and that he had fought "a 40 year-old-man who was abusing my grandmother and I," not beaten up his significant other, as many had assumed. At that point, many thought Sumerian would resume working with Miss Fortune. Though they did publicly acknowledge Sawyer's exoneration, Sumerian did not apologize for their presumably hasty decision, nor did they address Miss Fortune's future with their label. Over the weekend, Miss Fortune confirmed that they are still without a record label, posting the following on Facebook. Miss Fortune compares themselves to Ray Rice On the surface, their comparison seems fair (embattled NFL player Ray Rice has been cleared to resume playing professional football). However, it's odd to draw parallels between themselves and someone obviously guilty of beating up his girlfriend, especially when Sawyer has maintained that he did no such thing. Regardless, Sumerian's failure to continue working with Miss Fortune seems telling. Either there is indeed something unseemly about Sawyer and crew, or Sumerian doesn't find the band to be commercially viable.

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