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Betraying The Martyrs, Reflections tour cancelled

Several days ago Betraying The Martyrs were denied entry into Canada, forcing the band to miss the Canadian portion of their fall tour with Reflections and Invent, Animate. Though they neglected to announce as much, Betraying The Martyrs dropped off their remaining U.S. dates as well, prompting their tourmates to do the same. Reflections had the following to say:
"To everyone who was coming to see us over the next week in the US we would like to let you guys know that we have decided to head home and put more time into writing our album. A couple of the shows fell through since Betraying The Martyrs dropped the entire tour and we would have been sitting in our van for days spending money we simply don't have. "We are more proud about what we are writing now than we have ever been before. We feel exist was a very rushed album and during a very stressful time for us as a band. For the first time, we have been writing as a band and we couldn't be more excited about what has come from it. Again, we apologize that we couldn't make it to anyone who planned on seeing us. We will see you next year with our best album yet."
Meanwhile, Invent, Animate has issued this:
"Clearly not what we wanted seeing as we're in Canada over 2000 miles from home, but the 5 last dates of the BTM tour have been cancelled. However tomorrow we'll be in Buffalo, NY with our guys in Barrier and Kublai Khan and Gift Giver at The Waiting Room and then on the 18th we'll be in Springfield, MO with Fit For A King. "So sorry to any who hoped to see us, and thank you for your undying support."

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