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Zombie Apocalypse joins Indecision roster

Tuesday, April 8, 2003 9:41 AM PT

New York's Zombie Apocalypse have worked out a deal with Indecision Records for the release of their debut. The group consists of members of Shai Hulud (Matt Fox, Matt Fletcher, etc.) and Try.Fail.Try. (Ronen Kaufman). When Lambgoat interviewed Shai Hulud last year, we asked Fox about the group. This was his response: "Picture Suicidal Tendencies on their first album, but a lot more pissed, a lot faster, a lot more melodic, with a living dead theme. And that’s Zombie Apocalypse." The group's debut will be an EP, which should hit streets this Summer. Look for an MP3 to be available online in the near future.

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