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Members of The Red Chord form new label

Friday, April 4, 2003 12:32 PM PT

In case you missed this little tidbit in one of our previous news items, The Red Chord's Guy Kozowyk and Adam Wentworth have formed a new record label called Black Market Activities. According to Guy, "Black Market Activities was started a couple years ago as a witty name to slap on projects that we had been involved with. Those activities included design work, the staging of live events and a traveling CD distro. Recently, things have been headed in a much more serious and structured direction, and our little 'pseudonym' has now evolved into a record label." The label currently has three releases in the works: a CD of rare/unreleased material called "Bare As Bones" by Backstabbers Inc., the debut EP from Deadwater Drowning, and the debut EP from Found Dead Hanging. All three releases should be out this Summer and will be available via Lumberjack Distribution. Additionally, Black Market will be handling the layouts for upcoming releases by Black Dahlia Murder and On Broken Wings. Look for their website (Blackmarketactivities.com) to be available soon.

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