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Attila announces new album

Attila has announced that they will release a new album titled Guilty Pleasure on November 24. Frontman Chris Fronzak had the following to say about the outing:
"We are extremely excited to announce the release of our upcoming album Guilty Pleasure. We've been working on this album for over a year and I am 100 percent confident that this is the best album we've ever created. Whether you were a fan of About That Life or a fan of Outlawed, this album will appeal to everyone. Even if you pretend to hate our music, you will love this album. It will be your guilty pleasure. "Musically, this is the heaviest album we've ever written. It still has our signature sound but it's a new refreshing twist. Lyrically, I really expanded my horizons. I wrote the most personal song I've ever written on this album. I still have some ignorant party hits, but I also drop some serious knowledge on this album. Open up your ears and take it all in; we're about to drop the best album of 2014."
Attila Guilty Pleasure Guilty Pleasure track listing: 01. "Pizza, Sex and Trolls" 02. "Hate Me" 03. "Rebel" 04. "Guilty Pleasure" 05. "I've Got Your Back" 06. "Proving Grounds" 07. "I Am Satan" 08. "Break My Addiction" 09. "Horsepig" 10. "Dirty Dirty" 11. "Fake Friends" 12. "Don't Be Basic" 13. "The Cure"

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