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The Faceless hit moose and total van

Friday, August 22, 2014 10:15 AM PT / 6,471 views
According to guitarist Michael Keene, The Faceless struck a moose while driving in Canada, totaling their van. Keene had the following to say:
"Shortly after switching to a van, because our driver quit on us, we have now totaled said van by hitting a moose in Canada. I honestly can't believe we're all alive and no one was hurt." The Faceless van after accident
The band is currently touring with Rings of Saturn, Archpire, and Fallujah, among others, as part of the Canadian installment of the Summer Slaughter Tour. Not long after Keene's original post, the band issued a more detailed statement:
"To elaborate on the events of last night, in a freak accident, we ended up totaling our vehicle on a stretch of Canadian highway. A pack of moose were covering all lanes of the highway and it was completely unavoidable. Some how we all managed to walk away totally unharmed, though a bit shaken up. "Through the help of our tour mates in Fallujah, Black Crown Initiate and Archspire, we managed to get to a tow yard and onward to a rental facility to get a vehicle and get back on the road. We WILL be playing the remaining tour dates on our current headline tour. "Thank you for all the support in the past few hours and we hope to see you at the upcoming shows."

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