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F*ck The Facts news and notes

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 6:39 AM PT

Official press release:

Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts have posted a video of their entire set from a recent stop in Winnipeg, Canada. The footage was filmed by Nascency Productions and can be viewed at this location.

Four new songs from the band's upcoming split 10-inch with Quebec grind band Fistfuck (ex-Dahmer) can be heard starting here.

Besides the split 10-inch, Fuck The Facts are currently working on two other releases which are being prepared to see the light of day in the coming months, including a new full length album. Founding member and guitarist Topon Das details the bands upcoming output:

"We currently have three separate releases in the pipeline, all of which are at different stages of completion. First we'll be releasing 3 songs that were originally written when we did Die Miserable back in 2011, but were cut from that album. The music was already recorded, but we only recently recorded the vocals.

"Next, we're currently putting the finishing touches on the mix of some new songs that we've written and recorded for a split 10-inch with our friends in Fistfuck. Our side of the split consists of 11 songs clocking in at under 10 minutes, making it probably our most straight up grindcore release since our 2001 album Mullet Fever.

"Lastly, we're just about finished recording what will be our next full length album and are aiming to have it released in early 2015. We've been working on this material for a long time and to say that we're excited to finally get it out there, would be a severe understatement."

In the meantime, four-fifths of Fuck The Facts have been involved in the ambient noise/doom project Merdarahta and recently released a new EP titled Solar Pulse, which also features members of Winters In Osaka and The Sun Through A Telescope. Solar Pulse can be streamed and downloaded at this location.

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