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Lamb Of God drummer shuts down Slipknot rumors

Thursday, August 14, 2014 4:29 PM PT / 9,103 views

When he was recently asked about rumors suggesting that he played on the new Slipknot album earlier this week, Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler provided a strange denial, further fueling speculation that he was indeed behind the kit for the band. This evening, however, Adler has seemingly put the Slipknot talk to rest with the following statement:
"I've received even more questions about my involvement with Slipknot since the ABC interview I did recently. The interview was originally about my new whiskey bar, but of course took a turn into the gossip of the day. As I told her, I've had and have nothing to do with it. I'm flattered with the association and comparisons, but I have no involvement in their record."

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