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Upon A Burning Body frontman: "They're blaming me"

Thursday, July 24, 2014 9:15 AM PT / 15,394 views

Upon A Burning Body frontman Danny Leal has finally commented on the band's recent, and poorly received, publicity stunt, which saw the band report Leal as missing. Leal was a guest on Ice-T's latest installment of his 'Final Level' podcast. Here's what Leal had to say:
"We did a little bit of a publicity thing… And people thought… We said I was missing and then they turned it into this big thing and it became a pretty serious issue... people calling the cops where we were from, stuff like that... and it became a thing, and you know what, then everybody now hates what we did. Whatever, they're blaming me and it was like, you know what? I'm [going to] come out with ropes on my hands put the ropes on and take it even further."

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