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Bane: "This is not our final U.S. tour"

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 11:39 AM PT

Worcester, MA hardcore veterans Bane have taken to social media to explain that although their new album is billed as their "final album," the tour they've just embarked upon is NOT their final U.S. tour. Here's the official word:

"Listen, we're 5 days into this tour. It's been amazing. The best we've had in years. But every night so far we are talking to many kids who are under the mistaken impression that this will be our final US tour. Last night a friend showed me a flier for our upcoming Atlanta show which says, "Come say farewell to Bane".

"We want to take a second and try to stomp out this rumor now. This IS NOT our final US tour. We are not even close to that point yet and honestly have no idea when that tour will be.

"We wrote Don't Wait Up because we decided that we wanted to continue to do this band through 2014 and possibly even through 2015. It would have made no sense to write a bunch of songs that we wanted kids to sing and dance to and then call it quits so soon after releasing them. This band puts out records so that we can play shows and that is what we are planning to do, as much as we can, for the foreseeable future.

"When it is time for the FINAL TOUR we will let it be known and try to play as many places as we can and give anyone who wants to the chance to come out and say goodbye. That is still a ways off though. For now we are still a working, touring band who is psyched be out here on the road doing what we love. Do us a favor and tell a friend."

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