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Behemoth deported by Russian authorities

Thursday, May 22, 2014 6:13 AM PT

Behemoth in Russia

Yesterday Polish metal band Behemoth was detained in Yekaterinburg, Russia for violating the country's visa policy. The band's concert was canceled and the musicians spent the night in jail. According to a news report at ZNAK, this morning a Russian judge ordered the band to leave the country, and each member was fined roughly $60.

In a brief interview conducted with frontman Nergal (aka Adam Darski), he described the conditions of their detainment as follows (roughly translated):

"It was a very small room on a half meter. On the walls were smeared with feces. At night, we asked [to be] taken to the toilet, but we were somehow denied. Had to go in plastic bottles.

Regarding authorities' claims of improper visa, Nergal said:

"We have received a visa at the Russian consulate in Warsaw. When we asked how [to prepare] the paperwork, we were told that it was necessary to make a business visa. We did everything we were told. Now it turned out that it was necessary to do some 'humanitarian' visa, not a business."

Nergal after being detained for improper visas in Russia

You can read the full report here.

UPDATE: Behemoth vocalist Nergal has issued the following:

"I feel deeply sorry for our Russian fans for they are the victims of the system… and so are we. All I can say on behalf of the band is that we'll do everything that is humanly possible to make it up to them. Sooner or later. We're not going anywhere, yet..."

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