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Firefest 2014 ends with 4 stabbings, 20 arrests

Firefest 2014 A large brawl erupted last night, April 19 in Lakewood, OH, just outside of Cleveland, at Firefest 2014 that left four people hospitalized with lacerations and stab wounds. Fortunately, their injuries were not considered life-threatening. Lakewood Police have confirmed that twenty people have been arrested in connection with the melee. According to 19 Action News, police said several gunshots were fired at venue the Foundry at around 7:10 pm. The brawl reportedly also involved knives, baseball bats, and machetes.
One witness told 19 Action News reporter Dawn Kendrick that she saw at least three men wearing hoodies who walked by. She attests they were covered in tattoos and she knew there was going to be trouble; that there was going to be a fight. "They slammed into my car because they were fighting. There's blood all over my car and dents. I just ran. There were guys everywhere fighting. I heard four gunshots," says the 16-year-old witness. She was convinced that the men are part of moshing crews, and some people consider them a gang.
Meanwhile, here's some information that one of our readers sent in:
"The second night of Fire Fest in Cleveland got shut down after a fight between SOSF and FSU. The fight happened just before 7:30pm. The police didn't immediately shut down the show. At about 8:45 XRepresentX was allowed to go on but for what ever reason 5 songs into their set Cleveland PD decided to shut the show down all together. As you can imagine lots of folks were uphappy as less than half the bands had played and the club was not offering refunds."
Saturday was day two of Firefest 2014, an event featuring roughly 30 bands, including Unearth, Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor, and Weekend Nachos.

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