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Reflections frontman loses roommate, home to fire

An unattended candle sparked a fire in the St. Paul, MN home of Reflections vocalist Jake Wolf on Sunday morning. Tragically, the blaze claimed the life of Wolf's 25 year-old roommate, Daniel Trabant. Donations are now being collected to help Wolf and his fellow roommates:
"Everyone in the house lost everything, including the loss of friend and fellow roommate Daniel Trabant. This is a tragic loss for everyone and we are trying to do whatever we can for everyone involved who is suffering a loss. Please help us help our friends Jake Wolf, Lee Mintz, Jesse Emberley, Devon Haggberg, Linsdey Wollan, Daniel Chase Trabant. Anything you can spare will go along ways. Rest in Peace Daniel, we miss you."
fire claims home and roommate of Jake Wolf You can read more about the fire here. NOTE: Every time we post a news story like this, we're torn with regard to the deplorable comments that inevitably materialize. We've never disabled commenting in the past, and althought it's tempting to do so in instances like this, we think the vast majority of you are reasonable enough to know that there will always be a few people out there who live for moments like this. Please know that Lambgoat doesn't endorse this type of behavior. While we did delete a few of the most offensive comments, it's still our policy to not disable commenting. Please ignore the trolls and donate some money to those affected.

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