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AFI members launch straight edge hardcore band

Mon, March 17, 2014 7:17 AM PT27,525 views

Davey Havok and Jade Puget, members of long-time California punk/rock band AFI (and electronic group Blaqk Audio), have officially launched a straight edge hardcore band titled XTRMST. The project's four-song demo can be streamed below. Further information has yet to be divulged.


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anonymous 3/17/2014 7:36:41 AM

Oh great another shitty SXE band..fck off and die Davey

anonymous 3/17/2014 7:37:33 AM

marilyn manson is stoked

anonymous 3/17/2014 7:37:47 AM


anonymous 3/17/2014 7:46:33 AM

sounds like dead guy and kiss it goodbye. of course most of the moshturds on the website have no clue what good hardcore is.

anonymous 3/17/2014 7:56:39 AM

this isn't hardcore, nor does it sound anything like SXE hardcore. this is more or less like the band, Scarlet. somewhat experimental metal hybrid type of music.....not hardcore.

anonymous 3/17/2014 7:56:41 AM


anonymous 3/17/2014 7:59:57 AM

wow straight garbage

Dyami_LIAV 3/17/2014 8:00:48 AM

Good stuff, I'm diggin' it.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:06:30 AM

Maybe if they used actual instruments, it would sound like music.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:11:47 AM

sounds like dead guy and kiss it goodbye. of course most of the moshturds on the website have no clue what good hardcore is. Theres no such thing. Not one talented person plays an instrument in a hardcore band. Its a huge absence of skill and music theory. I dare you to prove me wrong.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:14:46 AM

Hardcore was never about "music theory" or instrumental technical difficulty you turd. It's about the emotion, the lyrics, and the live shows. Get off your high horse and don't talk crap on hardcore just because you don't understand what it's about.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:15:59 AM

Who gives a shit a shit of technically proficient a band is as long as the tunes are good. Quit sucking Dream Theatres dck you fcking retard.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:18:52 AM

Just because its not 3 chords fast beats and 1 min songs doesnt take it out of the hardcore genre.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:21:10 AM

i was straight edge.. until i grew up. XXX

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:23:25 AM

"sounds like dead guy and kiss it goodbye. of course most of the moshturds on the website have no clue what good hardcore is." Probably due to most "hardcore" being "shitcore".

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:37:47 AM

sounds kinda metalcoreish, either way i think its pretty sweet. i was expecting like an old ass afi sound but i like this more actually

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:43:34 AM

They have issues not being able to spell their bands names right.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:57:57 AM

This is clearly a joke. Calling it XTRMST, lyrics like "I am all of the intolerance" (or whatever he's saying, those songs titles... They're mocking militant straightedge, as they damn well should. Too bad that joke is tired.

anonymous 3/17/2014 9:09:52 AM

I can't believe you jerks are arguing about what is good hardcore when there is clearly many jokes to be made about this band. I'm going to recheck this in a hour or two and I expect to be laughing at some funny ass comments. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

anonymous 3/17/2014 9:27:20 AM

this nothing like any hardcore i've ever heard in the last 20 years. more like djent prog something but it certainly isnt hardcore. even if they are straight edge if things are going to be labeled at least do it properly

anonymous 3/17/2014 9:42:38 AM

Bros I can't pack a bowl to this, so peace.

Get_Some 3/17/2014 9:57:24 AM

fck Vowels!!!!!!!!!

brokenhero 3/17/2014 10:02:19 AM

this is better than AFI. and yeah it does sound like Deadguy and KIGB kind of, but not as good and also straight edge is stupid. couldnt have picked a worse name too

anonymous 3/17/2014 10:11:30 AM

More like Xtremely Gay. Amirite?

UnderTheJRose 3/17/2014 10:15:34 AM

Last time I checked, straight edge was a mentality not a sound. We don't need regurgitation of other band's sound. XXX

anonymous 3/17/2014 10:26:02 AM

Nu-metal fcking sucks. What a bunch of dildo gobbling gaygets.

anonymous 3/17/2014 10:29:42 AM

Cant we just call this Space-Hardcore? Or just Experimental-Deathcore?

sandpaperseatbelts 3/17/2014 10:47:27 AM

"Probably due to most "hardcore" being "shitcore"." backed hard.

anonymous 3/17/2014 10:52:18 AM

1999 called, it wants it's teen angst laden NU METAL back. It sucked back than and it sucks now.

anonymous 3/17/2014 11:02:48 AM

Afi goes harder than terror. 8====D ??

anonymous 3/17/2014 11:13:28 AM

from the title, i WANTED to like this, but i'm not sure if i can. it's too weird for me.

thetowerofrome 3/17/2014 11:23:31 AM

This is actually not bad and pretty cool. A lot better than I thought it was gonna be.

anonymous 3/17/2014 12:04:59 PM

This is terrible. If they had a conventional band playing music it would sound marginally better. I thought it was going to sound more straight up hardcore rather than Meshuggah meets Everytime I Die via Garage Band/Pro tools/whatever.

ceemichael 3/17/2014 12:13:15 PM

AFI taught terror and foundation

anonymous 3/17/2014 12:17:28 PM

funk yeah i'll listen to this band straight edge til im 21 for life

SuckMeBeautiful 3/17/2014 12:18:13 PM

Counted 4 words in the first song while I was guzzling my drink

RickRock 3/17/2014 1:13:22 PM

Davey Havok chugs loads like a champ.

anonymous 3/17/2014 1:33:45 PM

It sounds like Refused with bad metallic hardcore riffs and even worse production. And to the guy acting like talent is absent in hardcore: Converge

anonymous 3/17/2014 1:36:46 PM

This demo is clearly a joke... I do like the VOD vibe to it thougj.

anonymous 3/17/2014 1:58:20 PM

A new son of Sam album would have worked

anonymous 3/17/2014 2:10:50 PM

fck yall i like it

anonymous 3/17/2014 2:21:25 PM

Dirty Nails Intro is a dead ringer for "Pineal Gland Optics" by Meshuggah...if you preteen bro was jamming it out. See for yourself donglers: https://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=dUIbcc-wHq8&feature= kp

anonymous 3/17/2014 2:51:51 PM

Only f a g z from Utah would like this.

anonymous 3/17/2014 3:03:40 PM

Punk / hc went to shit when politics got involved, just kick out the damn jams and keep yr right wing bs to yourself. What's that Leftover Crack song about sxe kids in the bastufft huffing gas? It's over Jonny.

anonymous 3/17/2014 4:30:26 PM

I just sold these guys 4 pounds of weed and they did coke off of my penis.

anonymous 3/17/2014 5:34:35 PM

sounds like a mallgoth band from the early 2000s that I forgot the name of also nothing says hardcore punk rock like a millionaire on leads

anonymous 3/17/2014 7:23:56 PM

huh, so he CAN still scream. it's worth it to me for that alone.

anonymous 3/17/2014 8:07:19 PM

This is just noise.

anonymous 3/17/2014 9:13:39 PM

Davey just started a new band because young straight edge guys are hotter than old drunk fat AFI fans and he wants to snag some youthful xxx bhole on tour

anonymous 3/17/2014 10:57:25 PM

garbage. lol tryhards

sfthizz 3/18/2014 12:25:58 AM

snapcase is pissed

anonymous 3/18/2014 5:16:56 AM

Ghenghis Tron and Retox had a baby.

empty_shell 3/18/2014 7:49:52 AM

Andy Hurley will play drums on this

duckduckfootloose 3/18/2014 9:55:01 AM

First song rules. Wish more bands sounded like this. Every time one of you guys opens you mouth I think about putting my dick in it, so feel free to talk shit.

anonymous 3/18/2014 10:17:50 AM

1st "Straight" thing these guys have ever done

anonymous 3/18/2014 10:47:44 AM

Sounds like if deadguy was beatd by nine inch nails

anonymous 3/18/2014 1:29:19 PM

+1 snapcase is pissed

anonymous 3/18/2014 1:42:39 PM

TA fans are stoked

anonymous 3/18/2014 1:57:27 PM

this is just the worst

anonymous 3/18/2014 2:34:12 PM

You've all clearly never heard 108/Judas Factor or Resurrection as this sounds just like any of Robert Fish's bands.

anonymous 3/18/2014 4:19:01 PM


RicardoDeJaneiro 3/18/2014 7:30:49 PM

the first song is horrible. it is like they forgot how to make records without electronics. the other songs actually work nicely

anonymous 3/19/2014 5:37:44 AM

I can't believe all these lyrics are about penis and man-ass. but seriously, Davey's cashing on the true hardcore trend right now, what else is new?

anonymous 3/19/2014 10:46:17 PM

fck straight edge get aids and die

Rob_Fusco 3/20/2014 10:40:55 AM

I will not be their legal counsel this blows.

anonymous 3/23/2014 10:52:46 PM


anonymous 3/29/2014 12:49:34 PM

Snapcase had sex with Diecast, they had a baby who knocked up One King Down and Messhugahs daughter and this is the product of that lineage . TERRIBLE sound wise definitely not stereo typical hardcore but who's to say what hardcore is anymore seeing the early 00s swooped in and changed the formula. fck AFI .

anonymous 4/2/2014 9:03:24 AM

Does this mean they will be at This is Hardcore this year?

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