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Summer Slaughter 2014 to include Dying Fetus?

Friday, March 7, 2014 7:46 AM PT / 9,441 views
Several weeks ago organizers of The Summer Slaughter Tour dropped some Facebook hints suggesting that Morbid Angel would be part of this year's tour. Now, yesterday specifically, they also issued the following update: Summer Slaughter 2014 rumors "Pissing in the Mainstream" is, of course, a Dying Fetus song. Summer Slaughter organizers have been known to introduce a few false leads in the past, however, they don't seem to do it so close to the date of the official lineup announcement. So, as it stands, there's a good chance that both Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus will appear on this year's bill. UPDATE: Last night the Summer Slaughter Tour had the following Facebook page update: "Sons of Belial." For those unaware, that is the title of a song by The Faceless. So we can now add them to the list of likely participants.

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