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Pageninetynine breaking up

After five years, many tours, and a host of releases, Sterling, VA punk/chaos/core band Pageninetynine (pg99) has called it quits. Here's a telling portion of a statement from Mike of the group: "All eight of us feel very differently on why this is happening. I feel like somewhere in this mess of years our reason for being a band has become awfully distorted. I don't think anyone of us has the right or wrong answer. It's just become evidently clear to us that pg99 could not work anymore. Some of us pushed too hard and others didn't push hard enough. We no longer functioned well as an entire group. There were moments where everything just worked and we didn't have to think about trying to do anything but to play our music. But when things started getting tough, they were really tough." The group will be playing two final shows on May 23rd and 24th in Maryland and Virginia, possibly peppered with appearances from groups such as Majority Rule, Strike Anywhere, Darkest Hour, and Pig Destroyer, among others. Meanwhile, the band's final "new material" release will be a split with Creation Is Crucifixion on Robotic Empire, followed by a singles collection of sorts. Luckily, pg99 members will continue on in other projects, including City of Caterpillar (Level Plane Records) and Mannequin, who will appear on a split with Transistor Transistor in mid-March on Robotic Empire and Red Scroll. Additionally, look for a CDep release from the band later this year.

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