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Father/daughter grindcore duo set to release LP

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 1:09 PM PT

Official press release:

Heavy music is intrinsically a bit silly. That's part of the joy of it. The more extreme the music, the easier it can be to poke fun at it. Gently or otherwise.

Sockweb have been considered a joke by some. The father/daughter grindcore duo have developed a reputation for music that is less serious than your typically po-faced and crossed arm extreme metal act. But such preconceptions are set to be shattered by Sockweb's full length debut record, Werewolf.

The album, due for release on March 25th via Monolithic Records, features new material that is darker, more aggressive and more extreme than anything the band have released to date. The playful and endearing nature of the Bullies Are Mean EP, and "Jingle Bells" single is still there, but it's now twinned with the formidable duo's new found sense of bombast and menace.

There are few among Sockweb's contemporaries that are capable of producing music like this while remaining genuinely unnerving and exhilarating. The sheer quality of the material has encouraged the likes of Katherine Katz (Agrophobic Nosebleed/Salome) to contribute to the record. Katz's appearance is of particular note, as she is one of Joanie's favorite musicians, and the song on which she appears was written specifically to create this chance for the young banshee to perform alongside one of her greatest idols (you know, aside from her dad).

Katz had this to say about the band:

"When I first heard Sockweb, I was blown away by Joanie's vocals and the quality of the music. Both Joanie and Adam are incredibly creative and talented people, and I feel very appreciate that I'm contributing vocals to their album."

Pre-orders for the album and merch will arrive with the upcoming music video for the song "Spoon" due for release soon and will be available through the Monolithic Records Bandcamp. The "Spoon" video will mark the first glimpse fans (lovingly titled Sockwebbers) will get of the darker, latter portion of the album. It's also a visual sequel to the previous puppet adventure for the title track, "Werewolf," which can be viewed here. What is that pesky Vampire up to?

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