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Black-Tie Knife-Fight signs w/ Revelation

Tuesday, February 11, 2003 9:27 PM PT

As part of fulfilling contractual obligations to Revelation Records, Black-Tie Knife-Fight has reportedly signed a contract with the label. The group, which features Simon, Denny and Todd, three of Drowningman's orginal members, will begin recording their debut full-length later this week. Here's a quote regarding the group:

"Stylistically, BTKF will recall Drowningman's more caustic and chaotic moments, with many a showing of some technical wizardry on the guitar and drums along with Simon Brody's patented misanthropic and sarcastic lyrics. The recordings will incorporate slower doom-y grind with some melodic atmospheric passages and plenty of breakneck speed metal-hardcore."

Once they find a touring bassist and guitarist, BTKF will begin playing out, which should happen by Summer. Denny will be playing both bass and guitar on the full-length. For booking information, contact the band here.

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