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Tim Lambesis back in court; new date set

If you've been following the legal proceedings for the murder-for-hire case of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, you may recall that Lambesis was last in court on January 15th, at which time his scheduled "readiness conference" was delayed until today, February 6th. As such, Lambesis was back in a Vista, CA courtroom today. Unfortunately, for those of us waiting for something significant to occur, nothing noteworthy took place today. Quite simply, the next court date was set -- that date is February 19th. So basically, the situation is the same as it was on January 15th: he is scheduled for a readiness conference in two weeks, at which time we may or may not see a plea deal. For what it's worth, Lambgoat has received word that "negotations" are ongoing, which means a plea deal is still likely in the works. It's worth nothing that Lambesis will have to pay his annual bond fee again in May. As such, it may be in his best financial interest to accept a deal beforehand. Lambesis had previously payed $160,000. In related news, we have confirmed that the temporary restraining order protecting Meggan Lambesis and their children was extended on January 17th. Additionally, the next hearing in the Lambesis divorce case is scheduled for April 8th in San Diego's North County Superior courthouse.

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