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Black Flag announces Mike Vallely as new singer

Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:02 PM PT

Although it shouldn't come as any great suprise given the circumstances surrounding the fall exit of frontman Ron Reyes, but Black Flag has now officially confirmed Mike Vallely as their new vocalist.

Upon his departure, Reyes said the following: "I would not be surprised if Mike V. becomes the new singer for Black Flag. It is my opinion that they have been planning this for some time."

Although Reyes was obviously correct, Vallely tells Rolling Stone that is wasn't actually planned:

Not so, says Vallely. As manager on the 2013 tour, he says he saw Reyes grow "disgruntled" and "combative" over the course of the reunion. Vallely alleges the singer didn't jive with [Greg] Ginn's goal of progressing the band, rather than celebrating the past, and that Reyes had attempted to quit previously. He says that when he interverned in Australia, he did so mid-set because he thought Reyes was going to "act out his grievances" and quit onstage. "I did not threaten him or physically remove him from the stage," Vallely says. "I just told him very plainly, very simply, that it was over. And he looked at me and he almost seemed relieved. Then he walked off the stage." Regarding the decision to elect Vallely as the new frontman, he said Ginn offered him the spot immediately after Reyes' dismissal. "Greg just felt like, 'I don't want the Black Flag name to fizzle out with this or be tainted with this record that's proven to be subpar compared to what the expectations for it were,'" Vallely says. "He told me he made a mistake by working with Ron and trying to pander to a sort of old-school thing. He just thought that I was the guy for the job. . . I'm not gonna say no to that."

Vallely also revealed to Rolling Stone that Black Flag has already begun recording new material and expects to begin tour extensively in May.

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