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Metallica's Orion festival likely gone for good

Thursday, January 30, 2014 7:58 AM PT / 5,445 views
In a new interviw with Houston, TX radio station 94.5 The Buzz, Metallica frontman James Hetfield makes it fairly clear that the band's Orion Music + More festival will not be back. The festival, which Hetfield termed a "disaster financially," has existed for two years and played host to a slew of underground bands, including Toche, Landmine Marathon, Red Fang, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Battlecross. Here's what Hetfield had to say about Metallica touring in the U.S. in addition to Orion:
"Right now, it seems like metal is struggling a little bit in the States. Obviously, the Orion festival that we had tried to do the last couple of years has really not been... Gosh, it's been a disaster financially, and it's not able to happen again because of that. So it's a bummer. So, you know, we're doing what we can to keep being alive here. And I hope to get out and play in the States. It seems like forever since we've been out and about. You know, we've hit the coasts and we've done TV stuff and things like that. But it will happen again. So hopefully, to get your fix, you're able to get the ['Metallica Through The Never'] DVD and sit there and headbang with your friends."

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