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The Crown prepares to record new album

Wednesday, February 5, 2003 6:13 AM PT

Swedish metal band The Crown have booked studio time to record their next album for Metal Blade Records. The group, recently rejoined by original vocalist Johan Lindstrand, will be entering Studio Fredman in Gotheburg, Sweden on May 5th, and they expect to finish recording and mixing by June 15th. Among the tracks set to appear on the album are:

No Tomorrow
Face Of Destruction/Deep Hit Of Death
Are You Morbid?
Cold Is The Grave
Kill 'Em All
Natashead Overdrive
Dawn Of Emptiness
Crown Of Thorns

Here's a quote from bassist Magnus Olsfelt regarding the new material: "The new material is pretty diverse, but in general, the songs have more power. Hard-hitting and straight
forward, with more natural flow, so that the energy and force comes straight back to you." Look for the the as-of-yet untitled effort to hit stores in early-September.

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