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Shogun news and notes

Colorado's Shogun recently held their first practice with vocalist Warren Zeger since March of 2002. As such, the group has begun writing material for their new full-length and expect to enter the studio this Spring to demo three new tracks. The recording will be used to find an appropriate record label to release the full-length. As with their last release, recording will take place at 8 Houses Down recording studio and mastering at Mach 8 Studios. The group is apparently exercising some major ambition this time around if the following quote is any indication: "We are attempting to create a cohesive work of nine thematically interwoven songs. In considering the structure and development of each song, we are also thinking of that song's effect on the structure of the entire album. We are delicately matching tempos and keys, as well as working with recurring melodic themes to relate the songs to each other." In related news, Shogun drummer Brian Pennington is now a member of a new "non-linear rock-ish" band called Radiant Republic of Texas. The group has posted some MP3s online, which you can listen to here.

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