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Chimaira loses gear to thieves in Mexico

Chimaira has revealed that a portion of their gear was stolen from a promoter's van in Guadalajara, Mexico. Among the items taken were two guitars and a laptop. Here's the official word:
Greetings from Mexico. Last night in Guadalajara, the promoter's van was broken into while we were at dinner and unfortunately, a few of our instruments were stolen. It did not matter that we were in a well-lit secured parking lot, thieves got away with our stuff. The show must go on and I guess at the end of the day we can share the heartache that so many other artists have had to endure. Maybe someone knows someone who knows someone that can help us find the following: 1 Red PRS Modern Eagle 6 string guitar - Serial - 08141858 1 White Custom PRS 7 string guitar - Serial - 11170325 The red head stock says "Built for Emil Werstler" 1 Roland Microcube Practice Amp 9 Sabian cymbals - in a Gator cymbal case 2 - 13' HHX Hi- Hats Dark 1 - 16' AAXplosion crashes 2 - 18' AAXplosion crashes (1 is cracked) 1 - 22' HH powerbell ride 1 - 12' AA Mini Chinese 1 - 19' AA China 1 Asus laptop with gigantic Chimaira stickers all over it. You can contact us at We appreciate the help.

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