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Reach The Sky officially breaking up

Wednesday, January 29, 2003 11:05 AM PT

Sadly, Boston hardcore band Reach The Sky will be calling it quits next month. Over the past six years, the group has put out several releases, including two full-lengths on Victory Records, and toured several continents. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks, but as of a month ago, the band hadn't made any final decisions regarding their future. However, as time wore on, the group decided it was time to end things, essentially to move on and focus on real jobs. Here's a portion of the band's official statement:

"Simply, it's time for us to move on, get jobs and reconnect with our lives. Spending the better part of six years on the road and away from the people you love and shoving piles of bills to the side, thinking nothing matters but what moves you, but what's in front of you, capturing that feeling you can't get anywhere else; the reality is that it all catches up to you eventually. Some of us will be going back to 'real world' jobs, some of us are getting married, some of us will resurface in bands, but none of us will forget."

The members remain friends and RTS will play a final set of shows with The Promise and Most Precious Blood in February before playing their final show on February 9th at the Palladium in Worcester, MA with Bane, American "Nothing", Most Precious Blood, The Promise, and Some Kind Of Hate. Here are their final shows:

2/1 Wilkes Barre PA @ Club Metropolis
2/2 Toronto ONT @ Kathedral w/ No Warning
2/3 Ottowa ONT @ Babylon w/ No Warning
2/4 Montreal QUE @ Salle L'X w/ No Warning
2/5 Quebec City QUE @ Skatepark w/ No Warning
2/6 South Amboy NJ @ Krome
2/7 Babylon NY @ LIHQ
2/8 Poughkeepsie NY @ Club Crannell
2/9 Worcester MA @ the Palladium

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