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Carnifex album set for release

Official press release: San Diego death metal outfit Carnifex is pleased to announce the release of their Nuclear Blast Records debut on March 7th (Europe), 2014 and March 4th (North America). The new album, entitled Die Without Hope, was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida and produced by the esteemed Mark Lewis (Arsis, Whitechapel, Deicide). Cover art for the album was created by renowned artist and longtime collaborator, Godmachine. "Carnifex and Godmachine have been working together for many years," commented vocalist Scott Lewis. "To be able to bring his art to the cover of this album is truly when all the pieces fell into place. The artwork here represents the tone and overall blackened feeling Die Without Hope captures." Carnifex Die Without Hope cover artwork Die Without Hope will deliver 10 tracks and over 35 minutes of crushing metal. Lewis states, "Die Without Hope is Carnifex at our very best. This is an album over two years in the making. We pushed ourselves every step of the process to include new elements never before heard on any previous Carnifex album." Die Without Hope track listing: 01. Salvation Is Dead 02. Dark Days 03. Condemned To Decay 04. Die Without Hope 05. Hatred And Slaughter 06. Dragged Into The Grave 07. Rotten Souls 08. Last Words 09. Reflection Of The Forgotten 10. Where The Light Dies


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anonymous 12/18/2013 6:17:49 AM

Ears are excited

anonymous 12/18/2013 6:18:43 AM

If you suck dcks you'll like this album.

d0thack 12/18/2013 6:50:14 AM

Excited and I don't even care

anonymous 12/18/2013 7:20:16 AM

I am stoked c-ck suckers aren't stoked

anonymous 12/18/2013 7:45:25 AM

I am stoked so that makes me a gay. Not ashamed. Stop touring overseas already and tour the US

john_doe 12/18/2013 8:06:55 AM

every time i see this band mentioned i think it says 'carfax.'

anonymous 12/18/2013 9:31:16 AM

Carnifex is the fcking shit. I was talking to a member about this album. It will be the best one yet

anonymous 12/18/2013 11:09:06 AM

i am excited for this. been listening to this band for years. love those dudes

anonymous 12/18/2013 11:30:49 AM

2007 is stoked phaggots

anonymous 12/18/2013 11:39:44 AM

As long as there are breakdowns. Crucial death metal bro Carnifex can suck my ass

anonymous 12/18/2013 11:45:38 AM

Their vocals are absolutely atrocious, this style of metal needs to die.

Mitt__Romney 12/18/2013 2:04:04 PM

Monkey eared dudes and fatasses are stoked.

marching_band_rules 12/18/2013 2:15:47 PM

will mosh

anonymous 12/18/2013 5:45:42 PM

These guys are really great, at drilling each other between the cheeks before, during and after shows. - Andrew Chumbley

vaginalconquest 12/18/2013 6:07:03 PM

Band becomes better after each release. Nuclear Blast & deserved. Touring for about 10+ I think so. Interesting. Rarely happens you see something like that.

anonymous 12/18/2013 9:31:50 PM


anonymous 12/19/2013 4:31:34 PM

the singer did not even graduate high school and you can tell by his boring basic typical garbage lyrics

anonymous 12/19/2013 5:57:54 PM

i dont get why fckin people need too comment stupid shit about bands they dont like, clearly if your taking the time too say something you must have some intrest in the band and if not fck off people, i for one am fckin stoked too hear this album cause i fcking love grindcore its fckin awesome so suck it noobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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