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Chimaira finishing up new full-length

Tuesday, January 28, 2003 10:33 PM PT

Having recorded all of the material for their new full-length, Chimaira has selected Colin Richardson to mix the album, entitled "The Impossibility of Reason." Bandmates Mark Hunter and Rob Arnold will be heading to the UK in a few days to oversee the process. Fourteen songs were recently recorded:

"The Impossibility Of Reason"
"Pictures In The Gold Room"
"Down Again"
"Power Trip"
"Pure Hatred"
"Stay The Same"
"Eyes Of A Criminal"
"Implements Of Destruction"
"The Dehumanizing Process"

Two of the songs ("A.O.M." and anoter) will be b-sides, while "Down Again" will be the first single and video, which they plan to shoot in March. The album itself is tentatively scheduled for release on April 29th through Roadrunner Records.

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