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Randy Blythe memoir gets title, release date

If's listing for the book (featuring the image below) is to be believed, the forthcoming memoir of Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has been titled 'Dark Days: My Tribulations and Trials' and will be available on June 24, 2014 in North America. The memoir was first announced in July, and claims to be "an incredible, harrowing, heartbreaking, and redemptive story told in Blythe's already well-recognized writing style." Randy Blythe memoir


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anonymous 12/3/2013 2:06:22 PM

will be ready for the gay prison beat stories

anonymous 12/3/2013 7:03:22 PM

Finally, the info on his patch of back hair.

anonymous 12/3/2013 7:08:21 PM

College reject with emotional problems enriches himself by acting like he cares about the third world and war, neither of which he has witnessed in person. Oh, and some knuckle-head planted his skull at a show.

MeatyD 12/3/2013 7:32:41 PM

Why is Peter Steele on the cover?

anonymous 12/3/2013 8:59:17 PM

Couldn't find a pic of him NOT looking like a Pedo?

kunt 12/5/2013 8:03:12 AM

Who gives a fck.. Randy pushed a guy off stage and he died then he sucked c-ck in a EU jail. The metal scene is so dramatic and the sad part is there are people who will buy this.

kunt 12/5/2013 8:03:35 AM

MeatyD1 day ago Why is Peter Steele on the cover? hahaha

anonymous 12/6/2013 6:18:56 PM

emmure should be on this

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