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Black Sheep Wall announces new lineup

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 10:10 AM PT / 2,879 views
Moorpark, CA Black Sheep Wall has announced the departure of vocalist Trae Malone and guitarist Garrett Randall. Among the band's new members is Andrew Hulle of Noriega. Here's the official word:
"Wanted to fill everyone in on some stuff... The band has decided to move on without Trae and Garrett. It was a mutual agreement and we wish them all the best in their current and future endeavors. We are forever grateful for the hard work they put into the band and it continues to be a pleasure to know them. Our original and long term bass player, Brandon will now be our vocalist. Our friend Andrew Hulle, who is the guitar player of Noriega is our new second guitar player. Josh Seguin will now be handling bass duties. Both of them have been kicking ass, and Brandon's vocals sound really disgusting. Ok, follow that? "We'll be debuting the new lineup on November 27, at the Whiskey, playing along our friends in Anciients. "The album is still in progress, we have two vocal tracks left to do and then it will be mixed and mastered by Daniel Braunstein. Jeff Rogers, who handled art on the last two releases will be doing this release as well. While it's not complete, we are really, really proud of this one. Thanks for keeping interest in us. Below is the progress on the new album if you haven't checked it out already."

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