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Serianna breaks up

Fri, October 25, 2013 6:33 AM PT4,935 views

Madison, Wisconsin post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Serianna has apparently called it quits. The band has yet to provide an announcement or explanation, but it appears that things started going south after the departure of founding members James and Lee Milbrandt earlier this year. Vocalist Chris Nutting has reportedly returned to school.
Serianna drummer Chris Ferraro has now put forth the following statement:
I'll jump right into this so you don't have to read a massive post about what's going on, then I'll add some detail if you would like to know. You don't have to understand, all we hope is you can respect it. Serianna has collectively decided to no longer tour, perform, or write music. Now for the thick of it. When we started this band seven years ago, we had one goal; To play music we loved, for people we loved. We never set out to change the face of music, or do anything that has not been done. We never had any intentions or goals of being a famous band swimming in a pool full of money. We truly had a love for music that we wanted to share with anyone willing to listen. Being young and invincible, you don't think about the rest of the world. Essentially what you immerse yourself in ends up being your "world" and the rest just passes you by. As most of us are now into our mid 20's we are finding that we value our families, loved ones, relationships, and educations more than traveling and playing shows. Nutting, Little Kris, and I will all be attending school shortly. I start classes in one month and am in an amazing relationship with the most incredible girl I could ever ask for. I honestly could not be more excited to start a new chapter of my life. Rocky has recently started a very good job that doesn't allow him to travel anymore. And Jimmy is busy getting dominated by me in Halo, haha. Really though, Jimmy is an incredible bassist and person, one of the most genuine I have met. I actually don't know his immediate plans, but I'm sure any of us will be willing to talk about any of this stuff if you reached out to us on our personal pages. This "break up" is not about us accepting failure by any means. It's us saying that we are ready to do other things with our lives and see where they take us. HUGE thank you to our manager Nate. We honestly would not have done a single thing if it wasn't for your guidance and support. You're incredible at what you do, and none of your hard work never went unnoticed. Shawn Spann, You were one of my idols growing up. I know we were only able to work together for a month or two but, your guest spot on our CD is one of my favorite moments as an artist. Thank you so much for believing in us. That alone makes my time as a touring musician worth it. To Josh Schroeder, recording our second album with you was the BEST time we have ever had as musicians. Your work is incredible and I know you will always continue to do great things. You're a producing genius, an amazing person, and one of my best friends. Thank you for being the nicest person in the music industry, love you buddy. Dan Defonce, too much to say dude. You gave us work! Haha thank you so much for all your efforts to keep us on the road constantly. You do great things for bands like us. I've looked up to you since Love is Arson, It was great to get to actually work with you so much. Joel Wanasek, Your hard work ethic and drive to be the best really spoke to me. You taught us how the recording industry works, and how to properly "shit talk" haha. You are insanely good at what you do and I'm stoked to see how far your studio has come during our friendship, Thank you for giving us our first professional product. Last but not least, Josh Grabelle. You were the first real industry professional to believe in us. Thank you for the opportunities you gave us. We appreciate everything that you have done to help us succeed. You are a perfect example of someone who gets what they give. Your hard work was nothing short of an inspiration. To keep this kind of short- haha. Thank you all for staying in touch and keeping up with our music career as it comes to a close. We can't thank you enough for allowing us to share our music and dreams with all of you. We have been able to experience every state, big venues to small, huge crowds to no crowds. These past few years have been some of the best of our lives and none of us would trade them for the world. This break up was not with sadness. It has been nothing but smiles, laughs, and talks of memories of the things we have accomplished and done. To anyone who has ever bought a shirt, CD, or given us a place to stay/something to eat; or even just a conversation at a show. You were the reason we feel that we were able to fulfill our dreams. You made every long drive away from home worth it. PLEASE keep doing things like this for other bands, there are no words to describe how much we valued every single person we met. People like the Krask family are absolutely the most amazing people on the face of the earth. We cannot thank you guys enough, we love you all from the very bottom of our hearts. Lane, I can't wait to see what you will become. You have so much love and happiness to give this world. I don't think anyone is ready for it! We will play some Minecraft together soon duder, I promise! To address James and Lee Milbrandt. (with respect) I'm sure my words will be picked apart and used against me in some way or another. But I am being honest, clear, and every word is intended as it is read. I don't feel it's necessary to hide behind posts on blocked profiles, so I will say this here where I know you will see it. I too believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe there's more to life than the music industry and social media. I believe that happiness can't be bought, and success can only be judged by yourself. No one can say that we are "giving up" and no one can say that we didn't pour everything we have into this music career. Someday you will realize that our success was not riding on your shoulders. Maybe then you will see that we did what we had to do to continue doing what we loved, so that you both could pursue doing what you loved. I have done nothing but hope the best for both of you and your future projects. You will find your own success outside the wake of your "story" and all of this will seem trivial. Again, If anyone is interested. Feel free to talk to any of us on our personal pages. I know a few of us will still be making music for fun, but that's about it! Thank you again everyone, It has been the best ride of our lives.

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