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All Shall Perish moving on without Eddie Hermida

Friday, October 4, 2013 2:27 PM PT / 8,521 views
In light of his addition to Suicide Silence on vocals, All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida has permanently exited the band. However, ASP assures fans that they have "continued before and will continue now." Here's the official word:
"Earlier today, the official announcement came out that Hernan 'Eddie' Hermida has joined Suicide Silence. Eddie has quit All Shall Perish to Join Suicide Silence full time. To all our fans who want to know about the future of ASP, keep this in mind: Mike Tiner has been a major writer in the band and will continue to be. We had big shoes to fill when guys like Chris Storey and original vocalist Craig Betit left All Shall Perish, but we were able to rebound with the addition of massive talents like Adam Pierce, Francesco Artusato and Eddie Hermida. Eddie has big shoes to fill himself, stepping in for our fallen brother Mitch Lucker. All Shall Perish has continued before and will continue now. We wish Suicide Silence all the best."


anonymous 10/4/2013 2:37:04 PM

Class out the ass

bearastronaut 10/4/2013 2:45:31 PM


anonymous 10/4/2013 3:04:03 PM

One time in band camp, I stuck an Eddie in my Mitch.

anonymous 10/4/2013 3:07:26 PM

ASP is so much better than SS. Just sayin.

anonymous 10/4/2013 3:10:25 PM

norcal hxc scene is not stoked

anonymous 10/4/2013 3:41:50 PM

From one shitty deathcore band to another

anonymous 10/4/2013 3:44:02 PM

Just stop. Band has, or had good tunes but too many people entering exiting like Johns in and out of a whore. Hang it up.

anonymous 10/4/2013 4:25:08 PM

This band shall perish.

anonymous 10/4/2013 4:53:28 PM

who the fck is Mike Tiner???? hang it up!

anonymous 10/4/2013 6:54:17 PM

He left a great band to join a garbage band.

anonymous 10/4/2013 7:50:01 PM

All Suck Penis sucks ass and Eddie Hermida's vocals sucks ass i prefer Ricky Hoover from suffokate

anonymous 10/4/2013 10:37:13 PM


anonymous 10/5/2013 9:30:47 AM

lol @ hoover

anonymous 10/6/2013 3:34:36 PM

wait hold up, the singer is gone, the guitarists are gone and the drummer is gone and a few new jacks and the fcking bass player are going to continue?!?! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha

anonymous 10/6/2013 6:55:59 PM

suicidexliferuinerxshallpe rishx

timelordtwo 10/6/2013 11:47:28 PM

who are the original members of ASP now? just the bassist?

bellini 10/7/2013 12:57:38 AM

Is there anyone who gives a fck about these bands that is over the age of 18? fcking mallcore bullshit.

anonymous 10/8/2013 1:22:35 AM

moving on? more like a pathetic attempt at keeping a paycheck. Last album sucked, now without eddie, yikes! If anyone still cared, no one will ever care ever again.

anonymous 10/17/2013 12:52:14 PM

you guys have no respect except a few suicide silence is a good and will continue to be im not a fan of eddies scream but have some respect for mitch lucker he died and your all talking shit on him

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