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The Gates of Slumber breaking up

Monday, September 23, 2013 7:54 AM PT

The Gates of Slumber will apparently not survive the departure of bassist Jason McCash, who announced his exit from the band last week. Band founder and vocalist/guitarist Karl Simon had the following to say yesterday morning:

"So, yeah. it's done. I always said I'd never go on doing TGoS without Jason, I don't think anyone ever really believed it, but yeah, it's done. I did start the band, but McCash has been my best friend for the last 20 years, the last 10 in this damn band. He wrote amazing music and was a killer person to be around on the road.

"Somewhere about 3 years back shit started to change, and it's ended with him quitting. I'm sure he needs the break, probably from me... I'm starting to *kind of* get the hint.

"So yeah. It's done."

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