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Living Sacrifice sets the record straight

Tuesday, January 14, 2003 8:34 PM PT

An official announcement has finally been made regarding Living Sacrifice and rumored departure of vocalist/guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh. Apparently Fitzhugh has indeed left the band, though he will be performing with them up until Cornerstone Fest 2003. Meanwhile, guitarist Rocky Gray technically remains a member of Living Sacrifice, though he is currently playing drums for Wind-Up Records artist Evanescence. Here is a statement Fitzhugh posted online explaining everything:

"When we came off the road a year ago, it was to take a much deserved break and catch up on bills. Which we have done, thank God. It was basically my decision to quit touring full time. Originally, we were going to break up and finish this together, after fulfilling our contract with Solid State, and do some final shows to support "Conceived in Fire." At this point, Lance has decided to continue Living Sacrifice. I am no longer able to be a part of Living Sacrifice as I feel I need to spend more time with my family (ie. not touring) as well as work that will allow me to do that. Lance is my best friend and partner and that has not changed. As I understand it, Arthur and Matthew will remain with the band. For the record as well, Rocky never "quit" Living Sacrifice. He simply took a job that could pay him. That job may end up being his full-time gig, but who knows. We are all friends with Evanescence and hope the best for them. We still consider Rocky part of Living Sacrifice. He just may or may not be able to do certain shows in the future, especially if LS decides to tour full-time, and Evanescence takes off as well."

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