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Soilent Green/Crowbar drummer battling cancer

Tommy Buckley, drummer of both Soilent Green and Crowbar, recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer. Soilent Green has issued the following update:
"Some of you may know and some of you may not know about Soilent Green/Crowbar drummer Tommy Buckley's Prostatectomy Procedure...He had his prostate removed August 13th due to cancer. The cancer was in a small part in his prostate but doctor suggested the total removal to prevent the spreading of cancerous cells. He is doing great with the love and care of his family and friends. Lisa D Ryder, Tommys girlfriend gets a special blessing for being so wonderful to him. She has been an angel He is in her care right now. Tommy got his staples taken out today and should have catheter out in 2 weeks. Tommy decided that he wanted to go public with his surgery to let people be aware of the importance of prostate health. He is ready to play ASAP!! We ask that you keep him in your prayers!!! He will beat this...."

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